idea for replacing uname

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Fri Apr 15 17:01:40 PDT 2005

Andrew P Sanch wrote:
> See what you guys think of this idea…… add an isolated bin directory to 
> the beginning of PATH, in this bin dir add a UNAME that reports a static 
> name ideal to the livecd build env…

Andrew, I think I found a better solution for this.  First, the unamemod 
target now installs a new wrapper script, into /tools/bin, which will be 
the first directory in $PATH for the chapter 5 section of the build. It 
finds the proper uname and calls that and seds out the results.

The only other things that needed to be done to make this work is to set 
up a link early in the chroot section to /tools/bin/bash so that the 
script interpreter in the file would work even though the chroot's 
/bin/bash hadn't been built yet, and to swap out the real uname for the 
wrapper script after each time that coreutils is built.

So, now it should build for i486 without hurting the host system or 
requiring that the kernel sources be available.

Jeremy Huntwork

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