Creating a Framework

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Thu Dec 23 16:06:25 PST 2004

I'm not sure how much I could contribute, but I'll certainly be an avid 

I like the idea... I spent the best part of a year getting my modified Chris 
Linguard's CD to work with isolinux and devfs and found the searchable docs 
on boot CDs to be difficult to understand (I'm not a software engineer) and 
inconsistent when using bleeding edge (e.g. DevFS).

I'll watch and learn - just like I did with LFS.

Thanks and have a great Christmas

"Jeremy Huntwork" <jhuntwork at> wrote in message 
news:41C71F35.20102 at
> Hi all,
> As you may have noticed, I've been adding content to the livecd's 
> Subversion repository.  There's not much there, but it can be viewed here:
> or you can always check it out to your local mahine:
> svc co svn://
> Currently, all that's in the repo is an initramfs dir with an init.c file 
> and a Makefile which will produce an initramfs image to be added to a 2.6 
> kernel, and a README file that is documenting the basic procedure for 
> building an official livecd.
> What I'd like to hear from you all, is any suggestions on what you feel 
> would be the best way to allow for contributors to this project. 
> Currently, all I have in mind is to keep static files, i.e., scripts, 
> initramfs, configuration files in the repository, so that we can be sure 
> that all cd's built will be configured in the same way.
> I'll be continuing to add to the repo as time goes on, but feel free to 
> comment or offer suggestions at any point.
> --
> Jeremy Huntwork 

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