[lfs-support] Brand new and confused. Mostly about the 7.5 book.

Al Szymanski aszy at mac.com
Sun Mar 30 16:57:40 PDT 2014

Bruce and Ken. Thank you very much for your well thought out responses.
1. Where I got the 80Gig minimum is simply adding up the suggested partitions from the 7.5 book. 
	Since I've never built a system from scratch ( except a version of CPM... back in the day), I find that I am doing a lot of reading and then reading into some of the texts and documents. 
2. What I have is a 40Gig Mac Mini , completely devoted to this task and a second 30Gig HD that will become the LFS system.
	By the comments made here, I feel that I can proceed. 
3. I am going to follow the 7.5 book as closely as I can as much of this will be simply educational value. I want to see if I can do it, if it will do what I want to do and lastly have a bit of fun messing about with it. That and 'meeting' new folks of common minds.

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