[lfs-support] Brand new and confused. Mostly about the 7.5 book.

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Mar 30 14:14:59 PDT 2014

Al Szymanski wrote:
> I am just trying to figure out the overall smallest size of hard drive space needed for all of the partitions.
> My sums from the 7.5 book come to 80 Gig plus whatever space I want for /home .
> [ suggested partition sizes:
> 	root LFS 10Gig	
         /usr/src 30-50Gig	
         /opt     5-10Gig	
         /usr     5Gig	
         /tmp     <5 Gig	
         swap     2xRAM	
         /boot    100Meg	 =~81Gig
> ]

Actually root of 10G will work fairly well all by itself.  The swap 
space really depends on the amount of RAM.  I suggest 2xRAM not to 
exceed 2G.

> The online version of the book says, "A minimal system requires a
partition of around 2.8 gigabytes (GB)." in 2.2 .

> I've 30Gig available on the host system, and have a 30 Gig drive
> that  I was planning on using to start my LFS system, but now think
> that I can not get what's needed on a small drive.
> So... how small a drive can I do LFS with?

This is what I have mounted right now:

ilesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda1        95M   56M   35M  62% /boot
/dev/sda5       9.8G  6.3G  3.0G  69% /
/dev/sda9        40G   30G  8.0G  79% /usr/src
/dev/sda11      9.8G  5.8G  3.5G  63% /home
/dev/sdb3       9.8G  3.3G  6.1G  35% /mnt/lfs
/dev/sdb4       9.8G  8.7G  604M  94% /opt
/dev/sdb5       9.8G  575M  8.7G   7% /tmp

You don't really need separate partitions for /opt and /tmp and I have 
an unusual number of tarballs in /usr/src/.  You have plenty of space.

   -- Bruce

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