[lfs-support] questions about chapter 5.5.1

François Bissey francois.bissey at canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Mar 27 20:07:23 PDT 2014


I suspect it may be a case of "to much knowledge is dangerous".

Having some experience in building cross compilers and bootstrapping
systems in the past I found some elements in that chapter troubling 
enough to stop and post here first:

1) There are instructions to download and unpack gmp,mpfr and mpc.
But nowhere to configure && compile them.
The hints that I have from the remaining of your instructions is that 
you don't want to install them.

2) we are asked to gcc so that it looks for ld* in /tools/lib{,32,64} rather
than in plain /lib{,32,64}. Yet, at this stage we haven't built glibc 
which would provide it, so there is nothing in /tools/lib* at this stage.
It looks to me like this will be useful in pass 2 but could lead to 
breakage in pass 1.

3) configuration options for gmp and mpc? Only mpfr paths are given,
and they would need to be compiled first - statically I am guessing.


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