[lfs-support] lsmod return nothing

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Sat Mar 22 01:51:05 PDT 2014

Le 22/03/2014 01:23, 包乾 a écrit :
> hi all!
> Its been alot of effort and I finally got my LFS 7.4 successfully boot on my
> thinkpad X40.
> The first problem I encountered was that during the boot process it displayed
> "face eth0 doesn't exist". Well its a typical error msg with driver problem.
> So I went back to host system, figured out which kernel module my NIC use( I
> found it was e1000.ko, a intel NIC driver). 
> Then I go back into LFS, re-configure and re-make the kernel, re-install all
> thing include modules. 
> And weird thing happened. I tried to "modprobe e1000", it return nothing, just
> like successfully loaded. But when I double-check lsmod, there is actually
> NOTHING there-no module was loaded. I wonder if I screwed sth. up during the
> build process or there is other problem...
> Plz help!
Did you build e1000 as a module or in the kernel?
In the latter case, it is normal that modprobe says nothing and that you
cannot see e1000 as a loaded module.

You can check with:
grep E1000= /boot/config-... (the config file saved in /boot after building
the kernel).

If you get:
CONFIG_E1000=y, it is not built as module, but embedded in the kernel.
CONFIG_E1000=m, it is built as module.
CONFIG_E1000=n, it is not built at all.

Now, coming to the issue you have, it may also be that eth0 is renamed to
something else.

What does 'ip link list' return on the booted system?


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