[lfs-support] lsmod return nothing

包乾 houkensjtu at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 17:23:06 PDT 2014

hi all!
Its been alot of effort and I finally got my LFS 7.4 successfully boot on
my thinkpad X40.

The first problem I encountered was that during the boot process it
displayed "face eth0 doesn't exist". Well its a typical error msg with
driver problem.
So I went back to host system, figured out which kernel module my NIC use(
I found it was e1000.ko, a intel NIC driver).
Then I go back into LFS, re-configure and re-make the kernel, re-install
all thing include modules.
And weird thing happened. I tried to "modprobe e1000", it return nothing,
just like successfully loaded. But when I double-check lsmod, there is
actually NOTHING there-no module was loaded. I wonder if I screwed sth. up
during the build process or there is other problem...

Plz help!
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