[lfs-support] I'm new to this site

wayne mcdanolds n1qgcwm at myfairpoint.net
Fri Mar 14 10:48:07 PDT 2014

Hello everyone,
   I am new too this list so I will explain what I run on this end.
I have a Dell Dimension 4500S with a Pentium 4 processor at a clock 
speed of 1800 Mhz. This is a 32bit system which means I can't run 64bit 
programs on it. I did download a 64bit ver of LM11 which won't run on 
this system. 1024 mb of ram in a system that is about 12 years old + a 
couple years.
   I am planning on compiling linux from scratch when I get around to 
it. I have downloaded LFS 6.3 version as well as a pdf for ver 6.3.
73  "best regards"
N1QGC this is my Ham radio callsign

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