[lfs-support] Newbie need help - bus error in 5.5. GCC-4.8.1 - Pass 1

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Wed Oct 23 18:26:38 PDT 2013

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 09:00:36PM -0400, Viola Zoltán wrote:
> Dear Ken, I need the new distro from you suggestion ONLY, JUST for the
> building of LFS, no for other works/jobs! No problem, if it not have
> wifi-possibility or others. I saved the full LFS and BLFS books to my
> new-used partition, I will work from its. And I was downloaded all needed
> packages, of course. I will install the new host distro, and build LFS. If
> I would like work/play any other, then reboot to my Sabayon. Therefore, I
> no need full-featured desktop environment. Just a lightweight WM with a
> browser to read the LFS book, mc (not musthaved, but I like it) and nothing
> else, just I should can build my LFS. I need the host distro just
> temporarily, ad interim. Which distro you do use nowadays for build you LFS
> system?

 To answer that last question - LFS.  I have used debian-ppc and
then ubuntu for my non x86 boxes, but the last x86 distro I used was
probably mandrake-7.2.  Is sabayon the gentoo-based hardened distro
you were using ?  Or did you actually install gentoo ?
> Or, it is would be much easyer to my, that if you have a full temporary
> system as written in the LFS book, - finished to the 5.35 chapter - then
> you pack it to a tar.bz2 file, and send me its download link. I download
> it, unpack it to my partition, change ownership, and begin at this chapter
> I continue the building of my own LFS system, with chroot and others. This
> is a little bit would be alike to the Gentoo, from stage3, I think.
> Zoli

 Four reasons why I can't do that :

1. I don't have such a tarball.
2. Size - I don't have anywhere to upload large files.
3. Licensing - you would need my buildscripts, and I would also have
to offer to supply you with the source tarballs for a reasonable
time, at least for the GPL'd packages.
4. I'm normally building on x86_64.  You are building i686.

 At this point, perhaps I should mention that we really dislike top

 You mentioned that you didn't like ubuntu : if you have a
fairly-recent ubuntu CD, that should be good enough : install it and
then boot ubuntu, install a minimal desktop instead of the bloated
'buntu desktop (I prefer icewm, but xfce is nearly as useful), your
mc, and then whatever it needs for LFS - build-essentials, and
replacing the dash symlink is my guess.  Check the host system
requirements in the book.

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