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Sun Oct 20 13:12:35 PDT 2013

>On Sun, 20 Oct 2013 18:33:53 +0200
>Frans de Boer <frans at fransdb.nl> wrote:

> Like I said no page is the same and I noticed that you handle every
> site in a different way using customized regex's. That is exactly the
> thing I try to avoid, but given the nature of things I assume that
> would be hard to accomplished using HTTP.

I just had a flashback to Gopher. Gopher proponents usualy cite that
exact reason as the reason the World should use Gopher instead of HTTP.

Even though that is not HTTPs fault. It's really HTMLs fault.

As for automated package tracking, I did an experiment using the source
revision tools that various packages use (git, subversion, mercurial
and others..) but had the mother of mixed success. While for some
packages this works so well you would swear God gave his personal
blessing, for other packages this is the worst kind of a nightmare.
Using source revision tools also adds the aditional problem that in
most cases you need to rebuild the ./configure script and that is often
very difficult, if not impossible.

And then there is the problem of both initial seeding and continuous
maintenance of the 350+GB repository of repositories containing 300+
individual packages. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

You don't need an AI for a robot uprising.
Humans will do just fine.
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