[lfs-support] Getting <su> in Chapter 5 [SOLVED][UNRESURRECTED]

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Mon Oct 14 17:12:56 PDT 2013

On 10/14/2013 10:40 AM, Dan McGhee wrote:
> But for the topic at hand. I couldn't get su to work from a DESTDIR 
> install even after I configured it in the DESTDIR--in chroot 
> environment. Look like a "regular" install of shadow is in order. For 
> purposes of the hint, assuming success with this step, I'll use the 
> "nuke the build" option and see if I can get shadow to work at the end 
> of Ch. 5. Depending on which one succeeds, I will recommend updating 
> the hint accordingly. Thanks for the help. Dan 
I've tested four different ways to provide su before starting to build 
the linux headers in Ch. 6.

1. compile shadow and cp su to /tools/bin in Ch. 5
2. install shadow at the end of Ch. 5 as lfs and not root.
3. compile shadow as root in the chroot environment and copy su to 
4. install shadow as root before building the headers in Ch. 6

The only one that worked for me is the last one. The only thing I didn't 
do was configure shadow after installation, and su still worked. I'll 
configure it when shadow is installed in the course of going through Ch. 
6. So, I think this process needs to be added to the hint.

One of the reasons I like Package Users is that it's really easy to 
completely remove the files installed by a package. Installing shadow as 
root this way eliminates that and I don't know that shadow will over 
write it's files when installing as a package user when originally it 
was installed as root. That's something I'll be watching for as I make 
my way through.

This might be the time to mention a trick I learned with find. Using 
"-newer" and "! -newer" in a find command can bracket those files 
installed by one package. You can create a time window that's only two 
minutes wide. I haven't tested the seconds.

Thanks to all who responded in this thread.


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