[lfs-support] Inetutils check error (SOLVED)

hans kaper spakyelj at xs4all.nl
Fri Oct 11 07:15:33 PDT 2013

Op Wed, 09 Oct 2013 23:16:30 +0200 schreef William Harrington <kb0iic at berzerkula.org>:

> On Oct 9, 2013, at 3:32 PM, hans kaper wrote:

> Always helps to not miss a package install! I can usually tell when
> someone missed a package, but this is the first encounter of someone
> not installing iana-etc
I semi-automatically generate build-scripts (build-scripts based on the work of Dan McGhee, by the way) with  Perl-scripts and regular expressions. A package that has a sourcename with two dashes instead of one (or no dashes at all), means trouble.


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