[lfs-support] Ethernet Card Not Found

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Nov 27 15:13:29 PST 2013

Gordon Findlay wrote:
>> That's kind of what confuses me about this whole issue... the degree to
>> which discussions here and elsewhere get so heated and angry. It's
>> obviously supremely important to some people - but I don't understand
>> why, when to me it seems such a small thing.

>> I teach Linux, and this sort of change obsoletes a huge amount of material
> that students find in print or on the web. It makes Linux appear capricious
> and flaky in their eyes.

Just to continue the conversation, I would ask those students if it's OK 
that Windows changes all sorts of things with each new version?  Is it 
OK that older systems just stop working due to obsolescence.

I too teach Linux, but I try to give a balanced presentation of the 
advantages and disadvantages of new developments.  Most new developments 
are beneficial to some people.  It's the attempt to force things that I 
object to.  The prime example is merging udev with systemd.  The prime 
example of disregarding that foolishness is LFS.

   -- Bruce

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