[lfs-support] Ethernet Card Not Found

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 13:59:40 PST 2013

Dan McGhee wrote:

> I hope he either gets his card to come up or posts the results of 'dmesg
> | grep Ethernet' to determine whether the driver was loaded.

That may work for the Realtek driver, but it is not universal.  I get no 
output at all for that expression.  I have:

e1000e: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Driver - 2.3.2-k
e1000e: Copyright(c) 1999 - 2013 Intel Corporation.
e1000e 0000:00:19.0: setting latency timer to 64
e1000e 0000:00:19.0: Interrupt Throttling Rate (ints/sec) set to dynamic 
conservative mode
e1000e 0000:00:19.0: irq 48 for MSI/MSI-X
e1000e 0000:00:19.0 eth0: (PCI Express:2.5GT/s:Width x1) 00:25:64:38:ec:dd
e1000e 0000:00:19.0 eth0: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Network Connection
e1000e 0000:00:19.0 eth0: MAC: 8, PHY: 8, PBA No: 2021FF-0FF

So the output is dependent on the messages from the specific driver.

> That
> particular driver needs mii, and CRC32--I think that's the one--to run
> and his info didn't include whether or not those two things were configured.

Those are automatic when the Realtek driver is selected.  See the help 
for the driver in the kernel config process.

   -- Bruce

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