[lfs-support] LFS 7.4 / 5.5 GCC Pass 1 Question

Kenan Regez kregez at outlook.com
Sun Nov 24 13:01:24 PST 2013


It is my first try to build LFS im really excited about the project but 
i have got a question about the step GCC 4.8.1.

I run into the same error many times when i run "make". I followed every 
step in the book, i untared the gmp, mpfr and mpc into my gcc-4.8.1 dir, 
as written in the book i renamed the folders.

Now after spending some hours to find the problem i did this another way 
which worked but im unsure if it legit to use the way i did.

I got allways this error:

|checkingfor  MPFR...  no
configure:  error:  libmpfr not found or uses a different ABI.
make[1]:  ***  [configure-mpc]  Error  1|

Then i thougt of another way and installed the 3 tarballs into my /opt/ 
dir, everything worked fine no errors. After that i did run

--with-gmp=/opt/gmp-5.1.3 --with-mpfr=/opt/mpfr-3.1.2 

there was no error while make and make install, but im unsure if i got 
the same result and if i can safely go to the next step.

I did not found information on the internet about that, i think it 
should  be the same result but iam relatively new to linux and all the 

Thank you for all tipps you can give me

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