[lfs-support] Error: invalid file name When Booting For the First Time

Alan Feuerbacher alanf00 at comcast.net
Sat Nov 23 18:06:03 PST 2013

On 11/23/2013 3:05 PM, Ken Moffat wrote:

>   I've also got a much-less-important comment on your kernel names as
> a reply to your earlier post: You had four variants of 3.12 lfs
> kernels.  All of them had the same size in bytes, one was from nearly
> two days before the rest, of the others two had the same time and the
> other was a second later.  To me, that looks unusual :
>   Mostly, a fresh build with different options will produce a kernel
> with a slightly different size.  It's not impossible that minor
> changes might produce same-size binaries, but obviously with
> different md5sums.  But when I see three kernels with essentially
> the same time I start to worry - I don't think even the fastest
> machines can produce an updated kernel so quickly.

Well I have a very, very fast processor, which I designed and built myself.

Seriously, the "other" kernels are merely copies of the original, which 
I made in a desperate attempt to see if the reason I was getting 
"invalid file name" was because the name was somehow wrong. I now know 
that was not the case, but I keep learning.


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