[lfs-support] Error: invalid file name When Booting For the First Time

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Sat Nov 23 11:55:03 PST 2013

Le 23/11/2013 20:32, Alan Feuerbacher a écrit :
> [...]
> In grub.cfg, why is the "root" in the line "set root=(hd1,1)" different 
> from the "root" in the line "linux /vmlinuz-3.12-lfs-SVN-20131119 
> root=/dev/sdb3 ro"? In other terms I have:
> /dev/sdb1 -> /boot
> /dev/sdb3 -> /
> I'm really fuzzy about this stuff.
For grub, "root" is where it looks for files if not prefixed with (hdx,mdosy)
That is, grub can list the content of the first partition on disk b either with:
ls (hd1, msdos1)/
or with:
set root=(hd1,msdos1)
ls /

For the kernel, "root" is where / is (that is, /dev/sdb3 with your configuration)
> At any rate, I recompiled the kernel and reinstalled the grub stuff. I'm 
> still getting an error:
> error: file '/vmlinuz-3.12-lfs-SVN-20131119' not found.
> I invoked the grub command line to see what I could see:
> ls => (hd0) ... (hd1) (hd1,msdos2) (hd1,msdos1) (hd2)
> So grub apparently sees my disk /dev/sdb as (hd1). Next I tried:
> ls (hd1) =>
> Device hd1: No known filesystem detected - Total size 3907029168 sectors
ls (hd1,msdos1)/

If it does not work, I would guess that the filesystem is not recognized by
grub. What is the filesystem on that partition? Maybe you need:
insmod <filesystem>
for example:
insmod reiserfs

> I also tried this with (hd0) and (hd2). Same response: no filesystem 
> detected.
> So for whatever reason, grub is not recognizing the disks. Having tried 
> the same thing with the two other disks, /dev/sda and /dev/sdc, which 
> grub lists above as (hd0) and (hd2), I'm at a loss. All three of these 
> disks are in operation, since when I fire up Fedora19 on /dev/sda, I can 
> write to and read from all of the disks.
In grub, "ls (hd0)" does not specify a partition, so it cannot find a
filesystem. "ls (hd0,1)" will give you the filesystem type on the first
partition, ans "ls (hd0,1)/ should list the files on that partition.


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