[lfs-support] Good Results with LFS and EFI

William Harrington kb0iic at berzerkula.org
Mon Nov 18 10:07:47 PST 2013

On Nov 18, 2013, at 10:30 AM, Dan McGhee wrote:

> I'm still going to try to find a way to use GRUB2 in this.  But, I
> haven't done any building for my LFS system in almost a month and I  
> want
> to get back to it.  I'm going to let this grub stuff grow penicillin  
> in
> my brain for awhile and then try again.

Grub2 has made a lot of things very complicated, but the project is  
also not only working with the i386 platform, it is also working on  
multiple targets with multiple platforms.

arc, coreboot, efi, emu, ieee1275, loongson, multiboot, qemu, qemu- 
mips, pc: for which target regarding i386, ia64, mips, mipsel,  
powerpc, sparc64, and x86_64

You may want to give syslinux a go as it may have a healthier efi state.

For syslinux you will need the syslinux source, gnu-efi source, and  
nasm source.

I have a guide I updated, but I think it still needs work. I may have  
got some commands backwards.


Such as IA64 and IA32 going with syslinux and not gnu-efi.

I referred to the archlinux wiki for syslinux.

I found it a huge pain to even setup grub2 for a serial console to  
boot. WIth syslinux, was quite simple. It may be the same way with efi  
and uefi.

GRUB2 is okay, but it isn't that great. There are still plenty of  
headaches out there with it. Although, I am glad it was working  
partially with sparc64 systems.


William Harrington

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