[lfs-support] SOLVED: lfs 7.4 section 5.9.1. Installation of Binutils error: Cannot run C compiled programs

akhiezer lfs65 at cruziero.com
Thu Nov 14 04:22:52 PST 2013

> Date: Wed, 13 Nov 2013 17:00:31 -0600
> From: Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com>
> To: LFS Support List <lfs-support at linuxfromscratch.org>
> Subject: Re: [lfs-support] SOLVED: lfs 7.4 section 5.9.1. Installation of
>  Binutils error: Cannot run C compiled programs
> >>> What happens if you do:
> >>> (1) highlight & copy the text using the same method - i.e. same mouse buttons,
> >>>       same source of text (html/pdf/...), same environment (terminal/browser/...),
> >>>       etc - as when it went wrong.
> >>> (2) vi -i
> >>> (3) do the paste using the same method - i.e. use same mouse button (I think you
> >>>       said middle-click), etc - as when it had gone wrong.
> >>> (4) save to a filename /tmp/tstpst or similar.
> >>
> >> You don't need to do that to see what is being pasted.  Using vim, just
> >> :set list.  It displays non-visible characters like \r \t \n  etc so you
> >> can easily see exactly what you have.
> > Yes, for the first part: the suggested list of steps, though, is _obviously_
> > for both the user seeing it _and_ for posting to list if necessary. Your
> > suggested alternative is impractical in that respect.
> > ('strewth...).
> You mean like this?
> <paste>
> A return ^M a tab ^I and a newline$
> $
> </paste>

Not quite sure what, if any, point (or perceived point) are you intending to 
address there. Apols if being a bit dense on it.

You seem to be just (side-)describing something, rather than explicitly hooking 
into the user-reported issue; again, apols if am being dense on what you're 
saying or alluding to. Your original wording and its position, were more that of 
a contradiction, than that of a side- or additional comment; and as such, it 
seemed a bit misplaced.

Anyway, ... the overall goal was to if necessary get that info posted to list 
via, if possible, only a single copy-paste operation within the 'work'flow, so's 
to avoid any multiple copy-paste errors layering on top of each other, in case 
the problem is some weird one with the user's copy-paste mechanism(s) per se. 
(I agree with, aiui, Pierre's note that the copy-paste may be a long-shot; but 
it's worth checking - there's of course plenty of software/os/maus environments 
within which copy-paste does some 'value-added' stuff, like e.g. adding spaces 
to each copied-line as if they had been present all the way to right-side margin 
of window in which original source was being viewed  ;P  .)



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