[lfs-support] SOLVED: lfs 7.4 section 5.9.1. Installation of Binutils error: Cannot run C compiled programs

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Nov 13 21:17:43 PST 2013

Ron Hartikka wrote:
> I now think the copy-paste theory was wrong.
> I should not have expected CC to be set after running the configure command
> in 5.9.1.
> I was unfamiliar with the idea of passing environment vars to a single
> program on the command line.
> I have used shells for a long time and not learned that till now.
> So, that's why I'm here!
> Thanks to all.
> My section 7.4 binutils section 5.9 has failed again after another full
> repeat of chapter 5 done with care.
> This time I noticed the warning in 5.7 glibc-2.18 said that autoconf was
> missing (along with the expected msgfmt).
> Will I need autoconf for 7.4 binutils section 5.9?

No.  That is not needed.

After you change to user lfs in the command: su - lfs, what it the 
result from:

$ set

Also, did you delete both the binutils directory and the binutils-build 
directory before reextracting and running the commands in Section 5.9 as 
described in Section 5.3?

   -- Bruce

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