[lfs-support] Step 5.4.1 Installation of Cross Binutils errors

Vasco Almeida vmsda at netcabo.pt
Wed Nov 13 13:59:18 PST 2013

On 11/13/2013 05:15 PM, Ken Moffat wrote:
>   Well, I'm pleased that you didn't fall into the trap I accidentally
> set by putting '2>&1' after the pipe to tee.
>   Also, configure won't report an error if it gets as far as creating
> the Makefiles - but the results of the various tests which configure
> runs might be useful iff we can find out what is reported for the
> error during 'make'.  First we need to identify that message.
>   How big is 'mymakelog' ?  If it is under 50K, please attach it.  If
> it is bigger, please compress it with gzip and attach the .gz
> version.  My own log [ configure, make, install ] was 259k, but
> gzipped to 22k so you should be able to attach one or the other
> without hitting the list's limits.
> ĸen
Please find attached "mymakelog" file. Thank you again for your support.

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