[lfs-support] Step 5.4.1 Installation of Cross Binutils errors

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Wed Nov 13 09:15:21 PST 2013

On Wed, Nov 13, 2013 at 10:52:02AM +0000, Vasco Almeida wrote:
> Thank you for your suggestions, Ken.
> I did check the minimum Host System Requirements when I started off (I 
> am indeed trying to build LFS-7.4 on Ubuntu 12.04), but rechecked them 
> and nothing seems amiss.
> As for capturing the output, I went about it in two steps:
> /mnt/lfs/sources/binutils-build$ ../binutils-2.23.2/configure 
> --prefix=/tools --with-sysroot=$LFS --with-lib-path=/tools/lib 
> --target=$LFS_TGT --disable-nls --disable-werror > myconflog 2>&1 and, 
> after checking there were no errors in myconflog, followed it with
> make > mymakelog 2>&1. The errors in mymakelog were exactly as reported 
> in my initial post and in my reply to William Harrington. I can send you 
> the log files if you deem it necessary and appropriate.
> Thank you for your support. Best regards.
> Vasco

 Well, I'm pleased that you didn't fall into the trap I accidentally
set by putting '2>&1' after the pipe to tee.

 Also, configure won't report an error if it gets as far as creating
the Makefiles - but the results of the various tests which configure
runs might be useful iff we can find out what is reported for the
error during 'make'.  First we need to identify that message.

 How big is 'mymakelog' ?  If it is under 50K, please attach it.  If
it is bigger, please compress it with gzip and attach the .gz
version.  My own log [ configure, make, install ] was 259k, but
gzipped to 22k so you should be able to attach one or the other
without hitting the list's limits.

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