[lfs-support] Perl-5.18.1 fails one test. Does it matter? LFS 7.4

Bernard Hurley bernard at marcade.biz
Thu Nov 7 02:26:51 PST 2013

Hi all,

Perl fails one test in the test suite.  The output form:

    $ ./perl -MTestInit dist/IO/t/io_udp.t


ok 1
ok 2
ok 3
ok 4
not ok 5
# Failed test 5 - at dist/IO/t/io_udp.t line 64
ok 6
ok 7

I after running "make -k test," I ran all the tests in the t directory
as suggested by the output firm the test suite.  Again only this test
failed. But I didn't get any information that would explain why.  The
test appears to be testing whether localhost handles udp packets
correctly. AFAIK the network is working normally.[1]

So I have two questions.  What is going on here?  and:  Does it matter?

I am building LFS on Debian Wheesy but I suspect that isn't an important

Thanks for takning the trouble to read this!

Kind Regards,


[1]  /etc/hosts is set up. Moreover LFS can "see" my dns server and
     utilities such as "traceroute" and "ping" appear to be working
     normally, including pinging localhost.


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