[lfs-support] 8.3 - Kernel Build

Richard r_j_humphreys at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 6 05:22:23 PST 2013

Hello again,

I am surprised and confused by the warnings and instructions in Section 8.3 - can someone please elaborate on the points below?

I have previously rebuild the kernel several times on a variety of distros and although instructions differ there has always been one unshakable thing in common: the kernel sources always always always live below /usr/src/linux. I have just checked my host system (a recent clean install of slackware - running 3.2.29-smp) and it too has a symlink from /usr/src/linux to the current source tree. So the obvious questions arise:

- Where should the kernel source be kept? Presumably below /sources with all the rest?
- What are these dire consequences which are alluded to in the warning box at the end of 8.3.1?
- Is this a LFS-specific problem or are other distro making a mistake? As just stated there seems to be such a symlink on slackware and I had a brief flirtation with gentoo which I am sure also store kernel source below /usr/src/linux?

Again, many thanks, Richard.

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