[lfs-support] Using wpa_supplicant [Was: ifup--a really uninformed question]

Dan McGhee beesnees at grm.net
Sun Nov 3 10:58:47 PST 2013

On 11/03/2013 11:14 AM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> If the bootscripts are exiting, then it's no wonder that my efforts are
>> failing. I consider this one of the "simple things" that I miss. My
>> knowledge of the bootscripts is slowly coming back. I knew them well six
>> years ago. :)
> The bootscripts were completely rewritten for LFS 7.0.  That's why we
> are at 7.x and not 6.x.
I had noticed some big differences from what I was used to. My last 
complete LFS build was 6.7. I was going to ask later, but you just let 
me know. Thanks.
> Before I forget. Once I get the directory thing straightened out, should
> I, as root, touch /run/var/bootlog?
> That wouldn't be needed if /ver/run has been created, but I don't
> understand running the bootscripts in chroot.  Why are you trying to do
> that?
>     -- Bruce
The original situation got lost in the responses to a passing comment I 
made when I originally posted. The comment was that 'ifup' complained 
that /run/var/bootlog didn't exist.

I want to build up through Xorg in chroot. I've done it before, but I 
used the host system to down load packages and patches and read the 
book. I thought that if I could get my wifi working in chroot then I 
could do what I wanted to and could download packages directly to the 
LFS tree without having to go through the host system to do that. Just 
an idea to make it easier for me.

I posted in LFS because I didn't know if this was possible in chroot and 
knew that someone would tell me if it weren't. The problem I'm having is 
a BLFS one in that I've not configured either dhcpcd or wpa_supplicant 
correctly. I'm learning that it might be an Ubuntu phenomenon.

Short version with no more info is that my card wlan0 authenticates and, 
then, immediately de-authenticates. I'm still trying to troubleshoot and 

But.....with the info about the bootscripts, I got rid of the error 
messages in chroot.


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