[lfs-support] Using wpa_supplicant [Was: ifup--a really uninformed question]

Pierre Labastie pierre.labastie at neuf.fr
Sat Nov 2 15:07:33 PDT 2013

Le 02/11/2013 21:57, Dan McGhee a écrit :
> On 11/02/2013 02:50 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>> Dan McGhee wrote:
>>> (Received complaints about /run/var/bootlog all through the process.
>>> They were right, it doesn't exist yet.)
>> Do you have /run/var?
> I just discovered. No I don't. Nor do I have /run/lock. I looked in the 
> book Sections 6.5 and 6.6 to see where and how I missed these. I didn't 
> see their creation in either section. Would you please tell me where in 
> the book they get created? I've got to see if I missed anything else.
> When I create them, just to double check, make sure the permissions are 
> 0755?
>> /run is mounted form fstab
>> tmpfs    /run   tmpfs  defaults     0     0
>> in the very first boot boot script (mountvirtfs):
>> # Make sure /run/var is available before logging any messages
>> if ! mountpoint /run >/dev/null; then
>>        mount /run || failed=1
>> fi
>> mkdir -p /run/var /run/lock /run/shm
>> ...
>> The scripts all use >> so the only reason that you would get this error
>> is iv /run is not mounted.  Actually, even then the writing would be to
>> a standard directory so the issue would be permissions.  These scripts
>> need to be run as root.
> That's great info. Thanks. Referencing the paragraph above, the 
> directories /run/{var,lock} get created the first time the system boots? 

Since /run is mounted on a tmpfs, everything on it is lost once you reboot. So
actually /run/{var,lock,shm} get created at each boot.

> I do have /run/shm. It got created in Section 6.2.

That static /run/shm will disappear once you mount /run.
> Since I'm operating in chroot, I need to mount /run. Again, to double 
> check, is the following command the one to use?
> <mount -v -t tmpfs tmpfs /run>

Seems OK.

> If the bootscripts are exiting, then it's no wonder that my efforts are 
> failing. I consider this one of the "simple things" that I miss. My 
> knowledge of the bootscripts is slowly coming back. I knew them well six 
> years ago. :)
> Before I forget. Once I get the directory thing straightened out, should 
> I, as root, touch /run/var/bootlog?
I think it is not needed. You need to mkdir /run/var (see script above)
> Thanks, Bruce,
> Dan


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