[lfs-support] Issues with compiling GCC-4.8.1 (LFS 7.4) [SOLVED]

Bernard Hurley bernard at marcade.biz
Sat Nov 2 11:44:36 PDT 2013

On Sat, Nov 02, 2013 at 01:22:51PM -0400, Chris Staub wrote:
> On 11/02/2013 12:52 PM, Chris Staub wrote:
> > dir, which is not what you're supposed to be doing. Go back and read
> > page 5.3 very carefully.

Aha!  I had misunderstood the instructions!  I feel rather foolish as
they seem perfectly clear now.  Thanks, Chris, It compiles now!

> Further, if you've managed to create $LFS/gcc-build, it means you either 
> chowned $LFS to the lfs user, or temporarily became root to create 
> $LFS/gcc-build, neither of which the LFS book says to do. In general, if 
> you get some kind of permissions error, you should stop and double-check 
> that you're doing what you're supposed to, rather than forcing root. If 
> the book is correctly followed, you should be able to do all of Chapter 
> 5 entirely as the lfs user. Also, if you did chown $LFS, you should 
> chown it back to root.

I'm afraid I did chown $LFS - I will chown it back immediately!  Thanks,
again, Chris and thanks to everyone who responded so quickly!



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