[lfs-support] New GoboLinux release (pre-alfa) available, created (based) via/on LFS!

Viola Zoltán violazoli at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 21:11:00 PDT 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT! NEW GoboLinux-release available!

Hi, LFS-users! LFS Book GREAT! Very BIG Thanks for the LFS developers!

I created a new VERY MINIMAL gobolinux-release, FROM SCRATCH, via the
descriptions in the LFS Book 7.4! Of course, modifyed it as the
approximately GoboLinux filesystem-hierarchy! (I am already registered
LFS-user, my ID is 24291 !)

In the GoboLinux (since long time ago it is not under developing) every
programs are into the separated directory installed, for ekzample:




This release only a PRE-ALPHA version! It is VERY-VERY NOT recommended for
non-expert users! But, it is USABLE. This release NOT an ISO fájl, just a
tarball. You should download it, unpack it to an empty partition, edit the
grub.cfg file, and install grub, or (recommended!) reboot to an existing
linux system, and update-grub!


Known bugs:

- After the reboot, need press an “Enter”, to the prompt. I not know, why

- The kernel is set to UTF-8 as default, the language set to hungarian, but
in the place of the ascended characters (for ekzample “ő”, “ű”) in the MC
visible just a “?”.

- The Udev not in the /Programs tree, but it is installed via the “regular”
method described in the LFS. Because I am absolutely/highly idiotic to the

!!! Deficiencyes and non-tested functions:

- Even so the installed programs are in the /Programs tree (except the Udev
and the Linux kernel&headers), the boot script​s​ in this release made in
the LFS Book, NOT the conventional/traditional GoboLinux-bootscripts. They
are to me too complex, and I have to them not enough knowledge​ yet.

- The “Compile” and “InstallPackage” not work yet, because this release
dont has “Wget” and other needed dependencies. But the PrepareProgram,
SymlinkProgram, and lot of other Gobo-scripts work
​s​ good.

- No GoboHide, sorry! I cannot write kernel-patches. A few days ago I sent
e-mail about this problem to Hisham & Lucas, the original
GoboLinux-developers, but they sent me no answer/reply.

- No graphical environment yet.

- Wifi not tested.

- Ethernet connection not tested, because I have dinamyc IP adresses, but
this release not have DHCPCD yet.

- The /System/Links tree has a few broken links presumably. This is not

- I changed one setting in the Glibc-source: Modifyed in the hungarian
locale file. In the “original” hungarian “standard” the decimal_point is
NOT a point (not the 0x2e character) but the “comma”, the 0x2c character!
This is idiocy, stupidity in my eye/opinion, on this score I changed it
back to the original international (“US/English”) value, to the 0x2e.

The name of the root user: root

The root password: violazoli

IMPORTANT! Keep in mind, that in the hungarian keyboard layout the “z” and
the “y” buttons/characters are changed/reversed... :)

The md5sum of the tarball:

ef04b8571a8000e6ab211680e77699a4 NewGoboReleaseByViolaZoli.tar.bz2

filesize: 280251310 (=273683 K)

The download link:


Enjoy, and please write to me ALL possibility, how can I make it better! I
wait for solutions to the described bugs/problems written above, If you
have any ideas.

My ​future plans: Make to this release xorg, DWM window manager,
rxvt-unicode, Moc music player, mplayer, mencoder, smplayer, xbindkeys,
xchainkeys, and other good stuffs, preferred the commandline- and
ncurses-based utilityes/programs!
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