[lfs-support] Can't get LFS to boot, fsck.ext4 no such file or directory while trying to open ....

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Mar 24 12:25:01 PDT 2013

TJ Olaes wrote:

> Bingo.  That's relevant info that's not mentioned in the LFS book, because
> I just renamed all the hda.'s to sda. and I now have a login prompt.

We pretty much assume that CONFIG_IDE_GD is selected in the kernel. 
Going into specific kernel configs is beyond what the book does.  There 
is just too much.  Generally we assume 'make defconfig'.  We do mention 
devtmpfs because that's not a part of the default configuration.

> Following the LFS steps, this hda/sda naming business isn't mentioned.  I
> assumed hd.. because SliTaz had named them hd.., but it's running on a 2.6
> kernel.  It might be worth it to note that in kernel 3.8.x the hard disks
> will be referred to as sd..?

We do mention hda in a couple of places, but we need to change them to 

... done

    -- Bruce

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