[lfs-support] Can't get LFS to boot, fsck.ext4 no such file or directory while trying to open ....

TJ Olaes contact at olaes.net
Sun Mar 24 10:21:30 PDT 2013

TJ Olaes <contact <at> olaes.net> writes:

> Good evening.
> Hope someone can help me see something I'm missing, I've been googling all day 
> trying to get LFS to boot up and have made some progress but this one is 
> stumping me.

... snip ...

> Thanks for any help I can get.
> -TJ

Still tinkering with this problem.  I ran a grub-mkconfig and tried using
a generated grub.cfg, and choosing the default value caused my machine
to generate a kernel panic during the boot sequence.

I have a feeling the actual problem is a misconfigured kernel.  I think
I'm going to go back and check how I'm compiling the kernel.


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