[lfs-support] Can't get LFS to boot, fsck.ext4 no such file or directory while trying to open ....

TJ Olaes contact at olaes.net
Sun Mar 24 08:29:15 PDT 2013

akhiezer <lfs65 <at> cruziero.com> writes:

> Yeah, the host that you're building on (what is it, and what version?) might 

Host is SliTaz 4.0, a 32-bit distro that I'm booting over PXE when things go
south on the host machine, which is currently 100% of the time at the moment.

> calling your partitions /dev/hda.., but the lfs (what version is it you're 
> building?) is likely calling them /dev/sda..  . So the /etc/fstab that you're 
> creating for the lfs side of things, would need to use the 'dev/sda..' naming 
> rather than the '/dev/hda..' naming.

I'll give that a shot.  I am admittedly a little confused as to how "hda" and 
"sda" are assigned.  I know the difference, but I haven't traced the automagic
workings of these things well enough to know fully what's going on.

The host is a VM, and within the VM it is currently configured as an IDE drive,
so I think it *should* be hda. (dot is the number, using your notation).  I 
"sda" in the "linux ..." line because when I set the root param to "/dev/hda8" 
machine would always fall into a kernel panic state at some point in the boot
process, complaining about not being able to load the root FS.  Using 
looked like it was able to load a few scripts before halting at what appears to
be a remount of the partition I designated as root.

> >From the host where you're building lfs, what does 'fdisk -l' show: does it 
> /dev/hda.. or /dev/sda.. ?

SliTaz 4.0 reports /dev/hda..  I only have one virtual IDE HD configured for the 

> For the grub config for the lfs side, looks like you're OK wrt device naming: 
> use the form 'hd0' for the 'set root=(hd0,...)' line, and use the form 
> for the 'linux   /boot/vmlinu... /dev/sda.. ro' line that is contain within 
> 'menuentry' sections.

Yeah, I figured as much, although I expected to see an actual menu item and a 
when I booted to GRUB.  As it is, all I get is the grub command line, so I think
there might be another problem there.  Admittedly, the LFS book doesn't seem to
mention what I should see when I reboot.  If I'm supposed to see a menu, then I
didn't know, and perhaps the fact that I'm doing all this by the grub command 
is symptomatic of a deeper problem with my build.

> 'vmlinux' -vs- 'vmlinuz': as another poster has noted, be clear which one of 
> these you want to be referring to: from the host that you're using to build 
> what does '\ls -laF ${LFS}/boot' show? If you've got a 'vmlinux...' then use 
> for grub; else use 'vmlinuz...'  .

vmlinuz.  I'm actually doing "vm<Tab>" each time I have to refer to the kernel,
so I don't think I'm incorrectly typing the kernel file.  If there was a ref to
"vmlinux", I must have subconsciously corrected it by replacing the 'x' with a
'z' while going through my build, because I never noticed it.

> (( Yes, the kernel page 'chapter08/kernel.html' for lfs 7.3, 7.2, ... _does_ 
> talk about 'vmlinux...' in the section at the foot of the page; and 
> elsewhere in the page and in the grub section.
> ))
> hth,
> akh
> --

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