[lfs-support] Kernel can not boot

Niels Terp nielsterp at comhem.se
Thu Mar 21 11:47:25 PDT 2013

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Fra: Niels Terp [mailto:nielsterp at comhem.se] 
Sendt: 21. marts 2013 19:44
Til: 'LFS Support List'
Emne: Kernel can not boot

Hi there,

I have build LFS several times now, and I wanted to upgrade to the new
kernel 3.8.3. 

I started out from scratch, the only change I made from the book was the new
kernel. Since I have a quad-core processor in my laptop, I made all the
builds whith the make flag '-j 4'. And because I had made the build several
times on the same hardware, I skipped most of the tests. It didn't work :-(

Then I repeated the whole thing, this time without the make flag. It still
didn't work.

Now I did the whole thing again, this time including all the tests (which
completed without problems). It STILL did not work. The problem was (and
still is) that the machine could not boot, it stopped (and I could not see
what happened, it went too fast) with kernel panic, and the LED in the
caps-lock key on my keyboard flashing.

As an experiment I restored a previous backup and recompiled the new kernel
on it, and copying the boot files to /boot. I'm using my hosts GRUB, so the
partition was not made bootable it self. This setup has worked fine before.

Is there anything special I should do, to use the 3.8.3 kernel ? And now
3.8.4 is out, what about that one ?

And by the way, what is the correct procedure if I want to upgrade the
kernel after an installation is finished ? I guess I would have to extract
the headers, and rebuild GCC and GLIBC ? What about the other programs, is
any of them using the kernel headers ?

Thanks in advance !


Oh, and by the way: My eksperiment whit recompiling the new kernel on an old
installation: It booted fine, bot then had other problems - it complained
about a RTC error.

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