[lfs-support] what should I do after "make check"?

Nicholas McCurdy mindwarpstudios at aim.com
Tue Mar 12 01:59:37 PDT 2013


My understanding is that unless you find an UNEXPECTED FAILURE in the report, or the process doesn't complete at all, you are clear to go forward.

OK is the best response for the test, SKIP means that the package wasn't configured to support the test at compile-time (optional dependancy, as an example), and EXPECTED FAILURE indicates a test failure in a situation that is known to the developers and may be considered acceptable.

You're welcome to look at the SKIPS to ensure you have all the optional dependencies that you need installed correctly, but I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about the results unless you have a true ERROR in the test output.

I believe that the process of "make check" doesn't adjust anything in the compiled source (based upon the results of the testing), the only potential products of the process are the various binaries/scripts that are created to perform the tests themselves.

Nicholas McCurdy
mindwarpstudios at aim.com

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