[lfs-support] Udev on lfs-7.3

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 18:35:07 PDT 2013

Jean-Philippe MENGUAL wrote:
> Ok sorry, problem fixed. I mixed tarballs udev, szstemd. ...


> Just a last question anyway: when I install alsa, how is handled alsa restore
> at boot time. I had changed the bootscript but it seems udev should handle
> this from a certain rule. I have to deal with this at chapter 7 of lfs?

I haven't looked at it lately but I have 

ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="sound", KERNEL=="controlC*", KERNELS=="card*", \
         RUN+="/usr/sbin/alsactl restore $attr{number}"

It looks like that is installed by alsa-utils.

   -- Bruce

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