[lfs-support] help, i hosed my windows partition

Aleksandar Kuktin akuktin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 13:31:41 PDT 2013

One other thing, although it qualifies as a false hope: it just may be
possible, at least theorethically, to recover most or all of the
contents of the NTFS partition. So if you did manage to nuke the few
starting sectors of your NTFS partition, do not lose hope just yet -
unless the damage hit a critical part of the filesystem (which is very
likely - it did hit the start of the partition, after all), it should be
possible to extract most or even all files and directories. Although
there are no guarantees - a part of some file could have been written
over, or a directory may have lost some or all of its contents.

Note that this method relies on having either a library or a program
available that can perform the appropriate functions. I do not know of
any that exist right now, especially for NTFS, but if you have
something very important that you have not backed up somewhere else,
maybe either look around for such a program or keep on to the image file
of the damaged filesystem (partiton) until such a program gets written
(because it eventually will).

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