[lfs-support] Ubuntu 12.10 install

Nicholas McCurdy mindwarpstudios at aim.com
Mon Mar 4 02:40:08 PST 2013

>It's a pity that this thread went this way. The sh->bash link is one of the

>mildest requirement of the hostreqs. I have built LFS a lot of times with

>/bin/sh->dash on Debian.

>What I think the original poster is missing is a bunch of libxxx-dev packages,

>because a normal Unbuntu installation does not have them. But since he did not

>send the error he was getting, it is hard to help more. I have built LFS on

>Ubuntu 12.10, but I am sorry I have not taken a note of what I had to install.

>At least libc6-dev, libncuses5-dev, and surely others. The hostreqs page do

>not test their presence (actually, those packages contain mainly the

>headerfiles *.h).


I used a custom ubuntu 12.04 live cd to build LFS, though I understand we're talking about 12.10 here, the detail I'm noting is this:  the make dependencies weren't in the LiveCD system by default so I had to put them in manually.
While creating the Live CD, you enter a chroot environment to make sure everything is in place properly...  run "apt-get install build-essential" while inside, and you'll get all of the necessary -dev packages...  don't forget the other items inidcated by the hostreqs page, of course.

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