[lfs-support] GMP-5.1.1 doesn't build libmp{a.so}

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 09:55:28 PST 2013

aradley at juno.com wrote:
> Just doing some double-checking after building LFS 7.3. Could not find libmp{a.so} on the system.
> I remember all 184 GMP tests passing.
> I read and searched NEWS and CHANGELOG in the build directory and saw some indirect indications that maybe libmp has been removed recently.
> The Makefile comments suggest (to me, anyway) that libmp is not included since v5.0.5 (the version in LFS 7.2). So I guess this is a normal finding now, and this message is FYI.
>>From the gmp-5.1.1 Makefile...
> # Libtool -version-info for libgmp.la and libmp.la.  See "Versioning" in the
> # libtool manual.

We generally don't worry about warnings in configure or make unless the 
final installation breaks.  My log for the interanl tests for gmp are:

All 9 tests passed
All 43 tests passed
All 62 tests passed
All 14 tests passed
All 27 tests passed
All 7 tests passed
All 3 tests passed
All 19 tests passed

And at the bottom, a single 184.

So it looks like all 184 tests passed for me.

   -- Bruce

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