[lfs-support] Host Distribution

jxa127 at verizon.net jxa127 at verizon.net
Tue Sep 25 09:28:01 PDT 2012

>>On 09/24/12, Wally Lepore<wallylepore at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Hi William,
>>Great. Thank you. Reading the link now.
>>Ok, I've narrowed it down to two choices as a host distro for LFS.
>>Debian or Slackware?
>>Don't forget, I'm new and will have many questions as I study the book
>>and all sources :-)
>>Thanks so much

Hi Wally,
I have sucessfully built LFS three times with Slackware as the host. Each time it was with the version that was released when I started building the most recent LFS. Right now I'm building LFS 7.1 with Slackware 13.37 as the host.
There are no packages other than the base Slackware that need to be loaded to build LFS.
Slackware 14 will be released soon, but I'm sure that 13.37 will work just fine.

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