[lfs-support] Host Distribution

William Harrington berzerkula at cox.net
Mon Sep 24 17:30:35 PDT 2012

On Sep 24, 2012, at 19:14 PM, Wally Lepore wrote:

> Hi Members,
> At this point, I'd rather install a dstro that LFS members recommend
> as being compatible with LFS version 7.0.  I would like to utilize
> Debian as my host distro for the LFS build as many successful distro's
> seem to be forked off Debian. Debian has a good package manager and
> separates free and non-free software quite well. However after reading
> Debian's installation procedure, I'm not sure If I have the technical
> experience to install a distro that requires users to install multiple
> CD's. I notice that other distro's offer their iso images that can fit
> on one CD (this I would prefer). I did hear that Debian offers an iso
> image that will -in fact- fit on one CD and is easy to install but I
> have not been able to locate the link.
> Also, If any one can recommend a different distro and why or a distro
> that historically has been a good match for Linux-From_Scratch  I
> would very much appreciate it?

Hi Wally,

This is almost asking like what kind of beer someone likes or what  
kind of food they like....

To build LFS, and with your system specs, any will do. I had a dual  
p3 1.4 tualatin system which built like a champ and pretty darn fast.

If you choose debian, and if you want a minimal system to build LFS  
from, use the netinst iso for i386. Then you can install what you  
need to build LFS from there such as:

I would also suggest slackware as a good host to build from. Install  
the dev set and you will be fine.
Just meet the host system requirements as stated here: http:// 

apt-get install bison flex m4 texinfo gawk ncurses-dev && dpkg- 
reconfigure dash  ( use bash for default shell)

Other than that I use slackware.

If you want a live system, the udpated livecd I have created will do  
just fine..



William Harrington

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