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Wally Lepore wallylepore at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 17:14:33 PDT 2012

Hi Members,

I hope to begin the journey of learning to build my own LFS distro and
have been reading the Essential Pre-Reading Guide for Life with LFS
(over and over) as well as the LFS book itself. I'm beginning to
become familiar with all the terminology and would like some advice on
choosing a host distro. This first step is daunting to say the least.

I have accomplished quite a bit of reading over the past few weeks,
searched the LFS FAQ, scanned 3 months back on the lfs-support mailing
list, have utilized google search and would like to ask for additional
support before embarking on this first crucial step please. After all
the research, I am still confused as to which host distro to utilize.

I was going to utilize the LFS LiveCD in a virtual box but not sure if
my legacy system will support a virtual machine (please see system
specs below).I have more than enough hard drive space and would like
to install the host distro to my hard drive (my system has two hard

Last month I attempted to install Ubuntu numerous times but the
install failed half way through with an error message. After much
research I decided to look for another distro and was amazed at the
hundreds of choices. This led to a complete study of Linux and how one
distro differs from another. I decided to pull-back and install
nothing and simply read, study and learn. I have coded before but
nothing on a profesional lebel. Currently studying "C" language using
Code::Blocks. Also learned about learned about checksum and
interesting hints in regards to downloading and burning iso files.

At this point, I'd rather install a dstro that LFS members recommend
as being compatible with LFS version 7.0.  I would like to utilize
Debian as my host distro for the LFS build as many successful distro's
seem to be forked off Debian. Debian has a good package manager and
separates free and non-free software quite well. However after reading
Debian's installation procedure, I'm not sure If I have the technical
experience to install a distro that requires users to install multiple
CD's. I notice that other distro's offer their iso images that can fit
on one CD (this I would prefer). I did hear that Debian offers an iso
image that will -in fact- fit on one CD and is easy to install but I
have not been able to locate the link.

Also, If any one can recommend a different distro and why or a distro
that historically has been a good match for Linux-From_Scratch  I
would very much appreciate it?

I am very familiar with distrowatch and many other support links but
considering the time and effort to install a distro I simply wanted to
be sure that the distro that I finally settle with is in fact a good

My system specs are:

iWill DVD266R Motherboard
featuring "Dual" Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP)
x86 Pentium III Coppermine processors (1 GHz each).
source: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/mainboards/display/iwill-dvd266-r.html

1 gig DDR memory (4 gig max).
Supported DDR types

Peripheral Devices:

Foppy Drive
Hard Drives
Maxtor IDE 40 gig Hard Drive (currently Running Windows 2000) Jumper
on drive set to Master
Western Digital E-IDE 80 gig Drive (currently empty).Jumper on drive
set to Slave.
Iomage 1 terabyte (external)


USB: 2 ports USB 1.0

Based upon the above specs., it is my understanding that any distro
that is based upon the i386, i486, i586 and i686 architecture will be
compatible with my legacy system.

Thank you very much
Wally Lepore

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