[lfs-support] Video Tutorials

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 11:19:53 PDT 2012

Wally Lepore wrote:
> Hi Jasmine,
> I did read your reply and appreciate the kind suggestions. I am currently
> reading the "Essential pre-reading for life with LFS", reading the LFS book
> along with hunting the net for additional youtube videos and other support
> avenues dedicated to helping newbies with whatever it takes to get afoot
> hold on the build process.
> I have partitioned drives in the past and have experience with computer
> hardware.
> Some really beginner questions that I'm dealing with (so you get an idea of
> what is in the mind of a newbie) are:
> 1) Is it better to use a host distribution (to begin the build process)
> that is Debian, Arch, Slackware or Fedora based verses a fork such as
> Ubuntu, Linux Mint or any of the other hundreds out there? I was reading
> and watching a video that suggested that Slackware Linux and Arch Linux are
> pretty much plain vanilla distros and good for a host build.

Any of the above will work as long as the host system requirements are met.

> 2) Also read that LFS may not recognize IDE disk drives during a compile.
> My understanding is that LFS prefers SCSI drives but if one digs he can
> configure LFS to recognize SCSI drives?

Where did you read that?  It's wrong.  LFS will use anything the host uses.

> I would be looking for a host that works best with the LFS book as my
> number one goal is to simply learn how to build a distro.

The most common I see here is Ubuntu, but 'best' really isn't an issue. 
  Whatever you are comfortable with is best.

   -- Bruce

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