[lfs-support] Support or Video links to follow along with LFS book

Wally Lepore wallylepore at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 08:56:30 PDT 2012

Hi Members,

I have been studying the LFS book to prepare myself for the coming "work in
progress". I am also reading the "Essential pre-reading for life with LFS"
by Richard Downing. This pre-reading guide is extremely helpful.

I would kindly like to know if there exists a support group or youtube
video series that helps a novice "walk thrrough" the entire process of
building a basic distro while simultaneously following every step of the
way utilizing the LFS book.

A little background on myself please:

I have experience building a symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) computer that I
still maintain and utilize today that features a Dual P-III iWillDVD266R
Motherboard that can provide up to 4 gigs DDR memory. Constructed in

Currently studying "C" programming language using Code::Blocks as my IDE

Have and continue to code my own web pages

Have limited experience using "C sound" which is an audio programming

I am a guitarist of 39 years and study Music Theory, Musicology and "Tuning
Theory" and have been privileged to be a member of the yahoo tuning group
for many years.

I have been a stockbroker since 1988 and have studied trading strategies
and trading systems using the NinjaTrader platform. I left the retail
stock-brokerage industry in 2011 to pursue a different career path.

In 2010 I organized, designed, constructed, managed, promoted and
participated in the entire "online platform" called the "Elizabeth Reed
Showdown" that featured a world-wide online battle of the bands contest to
celebrate the 40th anniversary of the release of guitarist "Dickey Betts"
composition, titled, "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed". Please see the original
band invitation page that I coded and is still viewable for historic
purposes. http://education.heliohost.org/elizabethreed/index.html

Also worked on video editing that was required for our bands video in the
above competition.

AA in Journalism completed in 1977.

Although little of the above will actual contribute in helping to
understand the intricate and detailed build method in LFS, I would
nonetheless like to begin to learn the process. I have been a computer user
for years and have been studying the world of Linux.

I am primarily doing the "hunt and peck" routine and locating bits and
pieces of some excellent online help and videos but nothing along the lines
of a complete methodology for a novice covering the LFS build process
starting from A to Z in a less "techie" format.

I would kindly like to know if an online support group or youtube video
series exists that I can follow along with that explains the build process
in an easier to follow "user friendly method" while simultaneously
following every step of the way utilizing the LFS book.

Thank you for your time
Wally Lepore NJ USA
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