[lfs-support] LFS vs. LFS LiveCD

Wally Lepore wallylepore at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 10:55:31 PDT 2012

Hi Members,

I do hope this is the correct mailing list. My question pertains to LFS and
the LFS LiveCD but the mailing list for the LiveCD no longer appears
active. Thank you for taking my question please.

I've been studying Linux for awhile now and would like to utilize the LFS
system to build a Linux distro and also to learn the concepts of structure
and construction that will also enable me to help/join a development team
on a particular existing distro.

Can you please tell me if the LFS LiveCD is still a valid tool to utilize
in learning the "how to" of building a linux distro. I read that the LFS
LiveCD is no longer supported and the LiveCD is not available for version
7.0 and later.

In other words, can I still build an LFS distro that is fully functional in
today's environment using the last supported version of the LFS LiveCD?


Is it better to go with the latest version and install the LFS system to a
hard drive that has a host distro installed? I did read the benefits of
using the LiveCd versus installing to a host distro on the LFS FAQ.

Any suggestions would surely help as I take my first step.

Thank you Kindly
Wally Lepore New Jersey
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