[lfs-support] lfs-7.2 udev 2 ethernet boards

Walter Webb ngogn at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 13 09:20:37 PDT 2012

Since I got firefox installed in lfs-7.2 about 3 days ago,
I have been trying to connect.  Eventually, I tried:

      dmesg | grep eth

which showed me that whichever board was recognized
first usually became eth0.  At least once, however, it was
renamed according to /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules.

I have three plans:

A.  Maybe someone knows a solution here.

B.  Use udev-181 from lfs-7.1.

C.  Use a bootscript to configure the networks after
     determining how they are matched.

In any case, there may be a problem with udev-188 for
multiple ethernet boards.

Walter Webb

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