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Robert Cox wrote:
> communication skills are a personal weakness, please allow me to
> elaborate further... LOL

Yes, I see that.  Don't top post.

> my question is about menuconfig... in several howto web pages they
> refer to copying the /boot/.config file from the distro currently
> running to the .config file in the build directory to use as a
> starting point . Then loading that .config file as and "alternate
> file" and continuing the customization from there.

We do not recommend that.  As I said, the distro probably has everything 
as a module.  You want to minimize modules for LFS, especially when 
starting out.

Try 'make defconfig' followed by 'make menuconfig'

> As simply stated as I can think to ask, if I load an "alternate"
> config as stated above, and then make new choices in menuconfig such
> as running "make localmodconfig" does this action "append" the
> .config file or make a new one?

It replaces the current .config.

   -- Bruce


 I see I'm still not communicating....lol   "subject line" is prerequisites

 please except my appology... I'm reading and doing the exercises in the prerequisites.
I was simply trying to build a custom kernel for my distro at this point...  as an exercise  

before building LFS.

   "It replaces the current .config "   wow... now I'm really confused LOL  

 trying to understand 

 thanks tw3ak

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