[lfs-support] Stuck at Bash 5.16

Mikie kmb at mikienet.com
Sun Sep 9 12:44:10 PDT 2012

>There is the catch that I may not have actually fixed it.. this LFS box isn't self-hosting yet.  Assuming this machine does boot, then I'll be satisfied.  Sadly, these steps I've described are somewhat vague.. I can of course repeat this exactly, thanks to the liveCD build environment.  Is the community interested in the the transcript of steps I took to resolve this yacc hiccup?

>-p orpen

As long as your simlink points to gawk instead of mawk (Ubuntu defaults to mawk) and you have gawk installed ... your ok.

As soon as I fixed that, I eliminated this error.
Per the responses I got ... it seems it is a common newbie mistake to miss this requirement.

Don't worry ... I won't tell anyone that you missed it if you won't tell I missed it.

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