[lfs-support] Stuck at Bash 5.16

  porpen+lfs at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 00:25:36 PDT 2012

Hi Folks,

I don't have anything _actually_ broken.. yet.  (ask me again in an
hour or two.)  however, while I was pushing my way through the
book(7.2) I did stumble across the same hiccup Mikie ran into:

On 16 August 2012 18:13, Mikie <kmb at mikienet.com> wrote:
> lfs at ubuntu:/mnt/lfs/sources/bash-4.2$ make
> yacc -d ./parse.y
> make: yacc: Command not found

However, I'm using a different installation media.. in fact, it's a
livecd from sysresccd.

I managed to get past the yacc problem with the following steps:

within the LFS chroot shell:
 - building bison ( ./configure --prefix=/usr; echo '#define
YYENABLE_NLS 1' >> lib/config.h; make ; make check)

from a new shell (crtl+F2 or whatever, root user)
 - make install

back within the LFS chroot shell:
 - the compile of bash doesn't barf the yacc error anymore.  :)

There is the catch that I may not have actually fixed it.. this LFS
box isn't self-hosting yet.  Assuming this machine does boot, then
I'll be satisfied.  Sadly, these steps I've described are somewhat
vague.. I can of course repeat this exactly, thanks to the liveCD
build environment.  Is the community interested in the the transcript
of steps I took to resolve this yacc hiccup?

-p orpen

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