[lfs-support] LFS 7.2 GCC pass 1

Richard Melville richard.melville69 at googlemail.com
Wed Sep 5 08:33:15 PDT 2012

> On 2012-09-05 10:43, Richard Melville wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for the reply Steve ( and Eleanor earlier). ?Picking up on
> > what Bruce said about the possibility of race conditions relating to
> > building GCC with MAKEFLAGS set to -j > 1, Im wondering if there may
> > be a race condition affecting the GCC build with GMP, MPC, and MPFR
> > building inside the GCC directory at the same time. ?I have no proof
> > for this; its just a hypothesis, but I was wondering what others may
> > think. ?There is *definitely* a problem where the GCC build sometimes
> > fails at the same point each time (checking for MPFR), and then
> > builds
> > OK on a random attempt. ?Im not aware of the problem ever occurring
> > on
> > the final build of GCC where GMP, MPC, and MPFR are built outside the
> > GCC directory.
> >
> > Richard
> I've been bashing away at building LFS for a VERY long time, and done
> many many builds of 7.2, this problem has not hit me once,

Well aren't you the lucky one.  If you took the trouble to look back over
the mailing list you would see that a number of people have experienced the

> I would
> suggest you stop building GCC with MAKEFLAGS set to -j > 1, as was
> suggested.
> --
> Jasmine Iwanek
> If you spent less time hectoring people and more time reading the posts
you would know that I'm quite aware of the issues surrounding the setting
of MAKEFLAGS.  What is your problem?

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