[lfs-support] Any female LFS hackers?

Jasmine Iwanek jasmine at iwanek.co.uk
Wed Sep 5 05:15:09 PDT 2012

As I've said before: This is a top post DONT DO IT.

On 2012-09-05 13:05, Oshadha Gunawardena wrote:
> I didnt want to thoroughly look in to the details of who are the
> people in the mail list or their genders.
> I just wanted to get an idea about the community and its users :D   

This is a bottom post, the correct way of replying.

It would appear sir that not only are you unprepared to do your 
research for yourself you are also unprepared to post in the manner 
requested previously and that had already been explained.

As was pointed out to you, you could get your idea of the community and 
it's users by *looking*.

Jasmine Iwanek

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