[lfs-support] LFS 7.2 GCC pass 1

William Harrington berzerkula at cox.net
Mon Sep 3 01:22:09 PDT 2012

On Sep 3, 2012, at 01:53 AM, Israel Silberg wrote:

> checking for MPFR... no
> configure: error: libmpfr not found or uses a different ABI  
> (including static vs shared).

Most likely trying to use the host's installed mpfr.

First extract the gcc tarball from the sources directory and then  
change to the directory created. Only then should you proceed with  
the instructions below. (note at gcc pass1)


cd $LFS/sources

tar xf gcc-4.7.1.tar.bz2

cd gcc-4.7.1

tar -Jxf ../mpfr-3.1.1.tar.xz
mv -v mpfr-3.1.1 mpfr
tar -Jxf ../gmp-5.0.5.tar.xz
mv -v gmp-5.0.5 gmp
tar -zxf ../mpc-1.0.tar.gz
mv -v mpc-1.0 mpc

.........rest of book commands for gcc pass1

Section 5.3 is clear, the note of gcc is clear. not sure what else  
could be said to make it clear.
Prerequisites are clear.


William Harrington

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